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Updated Holy Week and Pascha Schedule

The schedule for Holy Week and Pascha has been updated (on 04/18) and can be found on the April 2016 Schedule.


March 27th Obednitsa

The Obednitsa (Typica) service that was scheduled for March 27th (civil calendar) will not take place.

Nativity Service Schedule

This year, the schedule of church services for Nativity will be as follows (all dates are listed on the civil/new calendar):

Christmas Eve
Wednesday, January 6th
8:30am Royal Hours followed by Vesperal Liturgy
4:30pm Great Compline and Matins
The Nativity in the Flesh of Our Lord, and God, and Saviour Jesus Christ
Thursday, January 7th
9:30am Divine Liturgy

2015 Holy Week and Pascha Schedule

Great Thursday
6:30pm Matins, 12 Passion Gospels

Great Friday
1:00pm  Vespers, bringing out of the Shroud
6:30pm Matins, Burial Service

Great Saturday
9:30am Vespers with Divine Liturgy

11:25pm Nocturns followed by the Paschal Matins and Divine Liturgy

12:00pm Paschal Vespers

Fr. Joseph has planned extra time on Pascha and Bright Monday for house visits.  Please contact him directly.